I work full-time as a nanny for twins and this thing is a SAVIOR!!!!  While one is getting fed, the other can find his paci under my supervision until I can get to his feeding.  I have been working as a nanny for over seven years, and I have this to say:  thank you for finally coming up with this product!!!  -ChelsieP

I was able to find the greatest product while visiting friends in Europe last year.  It's called the Binky Butler and it is perfect for holding the pacifier near the baby's mouth while in a car seat, stroller, swing, etc.  This thing is probably one of the most clever inventions I have ever seen.  It allows the baby to take the binky at will, but never too far out of reach that he/she cannot retrieve it.  Thanks BinkyButler!

I work as a nurse in a Neonatal ICU and we see many babies that are suffering drug detox and have to suck a pacifier constantly to self-soothe.  I saw this product at a conference last year and acquired some for our hospital.  They are amazing.  The babies never lose their binkies, and they (and their nurses) are much, much happier.  Wonderful product!  

Got one off Etsy.  Everyone in my pediatrician's waiting room went nuts when I walked in with one of these!  I must have had a dozen people stop and ask about it.  It has saved me!  -Ellison611

I have a 45 minute drive three times a week to visit my family and the Binky Butler has kept both my babies happy and soothed in their carseats on our long drive!